Kantha Stitch

KANTHA stitch is an exclusive style of embroidery which originates from Birbhum, West Bengal. This age-old tradition of quilt-designing has reached a new height with touch of the nimble fingers of artisans from Sanatiniketan, Bolpur. The dazzling beauty of these colourful stitches rests on Tussar, Silk & Cotton backgrounds mainly.


BATIK, an impressive technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the cloth, has now crossed the borders and day by day gaining its popularity in various countries. Originating from Java, Indonesia, it has now become one of the most sought after products in handloom sector. Products are mostly based on pure silk or pure cotton which adds on to its comfort & grandeur level.


Kalamkari or Qalamkari by the name itself suggests the brilliance of hand painting (painting with pen). This Persian style of fabric designing has become popular on cotton wears for its comfort as daily wears. Whereas on the other Qalamkari on Silk brings you the elegant and classy feel of Persian royalty.

Fabric/ Hand painted

This segment gives our valued customers an option to choose from our archive of tailor made products. This style of fabric designing has always been in demand for its vibrant look and option of customization.


Even before reduce, reuse and recycle became the environmental watchwords, Birbhum used to nurture the unique tradition of recycled textiles called KHESH. Strips of old colorfull sarres weaved with new and vibrant coloured threads give the product a fascinating look. Khesh combined with hand-painting or block printing and presented in half-half or Patli-pallu style gives you a wonderful feel of elegance and fashion.

Gujrathi Stitch

Gujrat has always been renowned for its quality of hand embroidery. This stich basically represents the culture of Gujrat and their faiths. Generally all the motifs are embroidered in specific geometrical figures through this stitch. Birbhum has embraced this style with such warmth that it has opened new horizons for women artisans of Bengal.

Banglar Tant

The name itself suggests the origin. Once upon a time this happened to be the only type of wear for Bengali women which bring comfort in the hot & humid weather of Bengal. The epic of Muslin weaving reached its height in Mughal era. Now the beautiful products of Jamdani and Muslin has topped the list of fame from Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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